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Protect against market downturns while staying invested for growth potential.
Our product solutions may help find the balance between growth and protection.

Barnabas Capital partners with insurance companies and banks to offer a robust suite of protected investment and insurance product solutions from highly-rated financial institutions.

Our product line is comprised of three
primary categories:

Structured Annuities

Structured Annuities, or Registered Index-Linked Annuities (RILAs) are designed for investors that are willing to give up a portion of the equity market upside in exchange for a level of protection on the downside.

The performance of a structured annuity is linked to an underlying equity market index. Different from traditional fixed index annuities, a structured annuity may provide more upside while investors may share in a portion of the downside risk. It is important that investors understand the tradeoffs involved in order to have more upside potential.

Stay invested• Get exposure to market indexes and may help smooth out returns

Mitigate downside risk• Choose from different downside protection strategies and levels of protection

Align with portfolio goals• Growth and/or income-oriented investing goals

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Structured Annuities

Structured Products

Structured Products, issued by banks, may provide the opportunity to gain the upside growth potential of the markets while also maintaining a certain level of downside protection.

The performance of a structured product is linked to an underlying asset class, such as well known stock indexes or even an individual stock.

They may be tailored to either Protected Growth or Income investing objectives.

Protected Growth notes:• May offer partial or full protection from market loss at maturity
• Often have terms that range from 2-5 years
• Are designed for investors that have liquidity sources from other assets

Income notes:• Provide the potential to earn coupons based on the performance of an underlying asset
• May higher coupons than fixed income if the investor assumes a certain level of market risk
• Often have terms that range from 18 months – 3 years

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Structured Investments
Market Linked Notes

Variable Life & LTC

Cash value insurance protection solutions can provide traditional insurance protection alongside the ability for market upside growth potential within the policy.

• Protect and grow your financial future
• Death benefit protection
• Supplement retirement income
• Tax advantages

Frequently asked questions

What Sort Of Fees Are Involved With Index Variable Annuities?

While some index variable annuities do charge an annual product fee, certain insurance company products do not charge annual product fees. However, the investor should always be aware if any early surrender charge penalties are applicable. Investors should always fully review the product’s prospectus prior to purchase.

What About The Potential For Lifetime Income?

For investors that seek lifetime income in addition to protection from market loss, an indexed variable annuity may be a potential solution. Lifetime income features typically have an added cost but can help overcome the uncertainty around outliving one's retirement savings.

What index options are available in Index Variable Annuities?

Account values allocated to an indexed account track a specific market index’s performance. They do not invest directly in the chosen index. While each specific product can be different, many products include well known and diversified indices that can range from large-cap, small-cap, and international stock indices.

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